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September 12 2011

September 02 2010

November 09 2009

November 05 2009

Index Optimization Tips — DatabaseJournal.com

In this article, Alexander Chigrik discusses how you can improve the speed of your queries by choosing the proper indexes, what kinds of indexes MS SQL supports and what the advantages and disadvantages of using indexes are in particular situations.

November 02 2009

Transaction blog : A query to list indexes in a database

I'm always hunting around my hard-drive for a query that lists indexes in a database, so here's one for everyone's (including my) future reference (SQL2K only) select so.name as 'tablename'     , si.indid     ,

October 30 2009

October 29 2009

Invoke UDFs that accept tables with SQL Server 2005's APPLY operator

A new feature in SQL Server 2005 is the APPLY operator, which allows the database developer to invoke a user-defined function that takes table ...

Monitor query performance with the SQL Server 2005 procedure cache | Servers and Storage | TechRepublic.com

In SQL Server 2005, you only need to recompile the statements inside stored procedures. This is much different than SQL Server 2000, where the entire

October 28 2009

Plataan: How to set trace flag 4616 in Sql Server ?

As from DynamicsNAV 5.0, when you want to use Sql Server you need to set trace flag 4616, otherwise an error will occur when you try to connect a Dynamics 5.0 client to a Sql Server database. What is a...

Microsoft SQL Server Administration FAQ for DBAs and solutions to common problems (7.0/2000): Narayana Vyas Kondreddi's home page

Welcome to the website of Narayana Vyas Kondreddi. This is a personal website, with some technical stuff which you will find useful. This site features some great SQL Server, Visual Basic, ASP resources. You will also find an FAQ section on SQL Server replication. You will also find a list of handy shortcut keys of some Microsoft products. Additional sections include: A code library which features VB programs, stored procedures; A page dedicated to SQL Server related books;

Processing Data Queues in SQL Server with READPAST and UPDLOCK

One common processing problem that a DBA can encounter is processing rows from a table used as a data queue. Queue processing is functionality where one or more processes INSERTs rows into a database table representing a work queue with each row represent

October 27 2009

INF: Analyzing and Avoiding Deadlocks in SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server maintains transactional integrity and database consistency by using locks. SQL Server version 6.5 optionally uses row- level locking for insert operations and uses page-level locking for other operations. As with any relational...

Detailed locking view: sp_lock2

Article about the sp_lock2 stored procedure. MSSQLCity.Com - all about MS SQL (SQL Server Articles, FAQ, Scripts, Tips and Test Exams).

July 30 2009

June 18 2009

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